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It plainly claims that this broker is something else without any proof. Baseless accusations like these are examples of libelous claims executed by competitors to smear another broker’s reputation. The most significant advantages of gold accounts are reduced spreads and the possibility of passive earnings.

Trading on LexaTrade: Scam or Not?

It is a convenient platform that has a user-friendly interface and great terminals, making way for profitable trading with minimal risks. It is equipped with over 170 trading instruments, various tools, and timely risk management that provide a quality trading experience overall. So, investment in creating its platform demonstrates broker development and rejects that LexaTrade scam. LexaTrade offers a variety of trading platforms according to the trader’s needs. The enhanced account offering helps traders to trade efficiently and thus improves their trading game.


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While there are also legitimate negative reviews about other brokers, it is important to discern which ones are legitimate and are coming from actual clients. The trading industry is a tight, competitive area where brokers fight against one another. Identifying which reviews are true is also a skill that any aspiring trader must acquire. TrustPilot, one of the most reliable reviewers on the web, rates LexaTrade 4 out of 5 stars.


Investing in commodities can be a great way to diversify your portfolio and achieve long-term gains. It’s important to carefully consider options before making any investments, and is a trusted broker that can help you navigate this process. With their 24-hour client service team, you can get the support you need whenever you need it.


It is a common thing in industries where services are the main product of companies. Even the most reliable companies that have graced the top brokers’ list for many years have received negative feedback. At first, I liked that the broker has a wide choice of accounts and has educational material. Support desk doesn’t answer for a long time, and no one’s gonna pay me back. Given the nature of these sites, LexaTrade broker reviews and comments lodged through Social Media range from the uninformed to mere bias. Given platforms are simply a free-for-all, just about anyone, regardless of education and inclination, can post whatever their ill-conceived experiences allow them to.

Feedback from traders indicates that the words about LexaTrade scam and LexaTrade cheat don’t correspond to the reality. To choose the right broker, you should pay attention to the reviews of the clients. But you should know that sometimes these reviews are done according to the orders of the competitors. So, they decided to place a lot of negative reviews on the internet to prevent clients from using the services of Lexa Trade. Such situations often happen; that’s why it is necessary to be attentive and to analyze the information. Analytical thinking will help not to make a serious mistake while choosing the broker by means of the internet.

Being a global broker, LexaTrade has earned the praises of its clients and the ire of its detractors. Many critics have praised this broker for several reasons, while a select few spread libelous claims to destroy its reputation. Forex broker LexaTrade provides at least five necessary trading tools and research materials, the most important ones that either make or break a trade. Investors need these tools and materials every day since they hold key information about potential results of their executed trades.

  1. You can find more detailed information on each account on the LexaTrade website, and in our review, we prepare a comparison table.
  2. The LexaTrade forex broker ensures their clients the best trading experience, offering various benefits and bonuses throughout the year.
  3. Also keep in mind that the company is regulated (IFMRRC), which is not the fiercest of financial watchdogs, but any type of regulation is better than no regulation at all.
  4. Its competitive trading conditions and diverse range of trading accounts are also an advantage.
  5. You might think this is an easy task because all you have to do is look up brokers on the internet.

LexaTrade does not lie to its customers with the prices; everything is transparent and can be checked. The main Internet resource of the company LexaTrade is a commercial project. The company made this site to attract as many traders as possible.

There are also broker review sites that speak well about the broker. For your convenient and effective trading, we have developed and implemented a new online platform. Use all the capabilities of the terminal and make profit with minimal risks.

This is why aside from MetaTrader4 and XCritical, they’ve also developed a platform to embody important qualities and characteristics. LexaTrade offers tight spreads which ensures competitive trading costs. It lowers risk diversification as well by investing in the basket of different stocks of various companies and sectors. Kingsley Cole, A young and brilliant guy, called me and gave me the details via skype video call, email and normal call, I adhere to what he told me and I am experiencing it in a positive way. Every broker has received negative feedback from customers, critics, and even the general trading industry was accused of cheating.

Next, the company offers users of official site open an account before February 29 and get the maximum profit. Some users don’t believe it, but numerous positive reviews prove that it is not a scam. This activity is undoubtedly worth trying, both for experienced and inexperienced traders. It is praised for various reasons–from trading platforms to payment methods and its profitability.

Also, a mobile platform is far more accessible and convenient than any other platform, which means traders can trade anytime and anywhere without the hassle. Aside from trading, clients can open positions, manage their account, and execute trades without delay. They can also set stop loss and take profit, track the movement of quotes, check forecasts for different instruments, and view their account balance. XCritical mobile app offers an easy-to-use interface, traders can access their trading account on the go, without any hassle. They can open positions, execute trades quickly, and monitor their account balance from anywhere, at any time.

With these in mind, the allegations that someone was scammed by LexaTrade are seen as baseless and may simply be seen as the traders’ ignorance of how trading actually works. I have been trading on the market for five years, of which almost two years on LexaTrade. Everyone should understand how to distinguish a good broker from those that are often considered scammers and why forex is a scam. We present your user reviews according to the rating of a broker.